Website Monetizing Options

If you thought that selling your own products and services was the only way to monetize your WordPress website then you are in for a treat. There are many ways to monetize your site and add extra income streams that will effectively make you money while you sleep! WordPress makes it very easy to … [Read more...]

Why You Need To Build a Mailing List

Ask any successful internet marketer and they will tell you "the money is in the list". By list, they mean their mailing list, those who have opted in to receive emails from that particular marketer. It may seem obvious to those who have been online for any length of time, but there are many … [Read more...]

What to do About Google Algorithm changes

Well the fallout is continuing over the Google Algorithm changes Penguin and Panda that seem to keep pushing and changing all of our rankings. I wanted to talk a bit about this as well as what you can do about it if you have been hit hard. If you feel like I have been a bit of a slacker lately … [Read more...]

How to Write Better Copy

Many marketers want to learn how to write better copy to sell or improve market recognition. Your written business materials are outdated, irrelevant or simply do not reflect the current state of your business. How can you get the best product with the most efficient use of your resources? You … [Read more...]

Create A Stop Doing List

As we build more and more systems in our internet marketing business We all end up with more and more daily tasks that we just build into an already busy day. So where does it stop? I can imagine in a couple of years it will take me 3 or 4 hours to do mundane tasks that need to be automated. Look … [Read more...]

Affiliate Marketing and Clickbank

Affiliate marketing and ClickBank go hand in hand. Any Internet Marketer worth his or her salt will tell you the same. If your thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer I would start here. Now before we get started I just want to point out that I am not affiliated with them, I just … [Read more...]

Multi pronged Marketing Attack

Marketing on the Internet won't be the same for any two businesses because all businesses have their own set of unique goals to achieve. With this understanding you can appreciate why detailed planning and design is a vital first step to launching a successful online campaign. Crafting a … [Read more...]

Video – How to Set up an Autoresponder

I know that lots of people say or know that "The money is in the list" but really there are a few steps to get started so...I decided to record a video to show how I set up a new autoresponder through my provider Get Response. In this video on how to set up an autoresponder I cover How to … [Read more...]

What to do to make money fast

what to do to make money fast We all get starting in internet marketing looking for a plan and then end up trying to figure out what to do to make money fast. The fact is that htis is always a really tough thing to pull off. So I thought it would be nice to let you know exactly what it does in … [Read more...]