Blog Goal Setting

All bloggers seem to have different objectives for their blog. But, most blogs seem to be about promotion. Some promote products or services, and some promote a person (or personality). Still others promote a hobby or the output of a hobby of the writer. And sometimes, you will find that a blog … [Read more...]

Making your Internet Business Recession Proof

I've interviewed many successful business owners over the past decade and there are a few things that businesses who make a profit even during recessions have a few things in common. According to Mike Bova, Publisher Madison County Courier, author and motivational speaker, "Retention is more … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.1 RC1 Released

I have just upgraded a couple of my blogs to the Release Candidate of Wordpress 3.1. And it is very nice indeed. Wordpress 3.1 RC1 was released on Christmas day and I just caught wind of it this morning. All you need to do to try it out is to install the Wordpress beta tester plugin, activate, … [Read more...]

How To Clone A Blog

If you want/need to create lots of websites it is vitally important that you learn how to clone a blog, because it will save you a significant amount of time. I searched the web high and low for blog cloning information, but I found that any information I did find was either incomplete, or very … [Read more...]

The Art of Tweeting

No one has ever considered advertising an art form (or have they?). Perhaps if you watch American Advertising Awards on television, you might begin to believe differently as advertisers across the world take television adverts into an entire new realm. Be that as it may, tweeting is used for … [Read more...]

Secrets Searches in EzineArticles

Ezinearticles is a great place to submit articles, maybe and probably the best place in fact. The trouble is that with all of the people submitting articles there is often a problems with keyword research and SEO involved in submitting of articles and I would like to show you a method to take … [Read more...]

How To Ruin A Brand

Branding I know is all the rage as I guess it should be. We all knwo that big brands like Coca Cola, American Airlines, LA Lakers, and McDonalds can make money in a large part due to their history and if they occasionally do not live up to their good name they can get away with it. Well today there … [Read more...]