My Favorite Business Podcasts

john lee dumas

There are 100s of business podcasts and I have been through a few over the year. If you are using iTunes or any other app to find podcasts and search for business you are going to find far more business podcasts than you probably will ever get a chance to really dig into. When I am looking for podcasts in any category I tend to look for a few things. How interesting the host is - I am not going to listen to someone boring or that gives me … [Read more...]

Meditation for Entrepreneurs


Have you ever meditated? Meditation is a great thing for entrepreneurs. I know that all of us are driven and things that seem a bit fluffy, like meditation, are sometimes looked at as a weakness or waste of valuable time. Well you are probably wrong if that is what you think. There are many great reasons to meditate and even though I don't want to really write about all of the great reasons there are still a few that I am hoping will … [Read more...]

How Often To Mail Your List


I have been playing with autoresponders and broadcast emails to my lists for years and the same question always seems to come up. How often to email your list? Well the simple stupid answer is to email them only as much as you can without them getting pissed off and unsubscribing but really there is a lot more to it than that. What you need to look at is how much you can give your list, how often, and how often can you pitch your your … [Read more...]

What Duck Dynasty Taught me about Marketing


I know I can relate anything to marketing and our favorite show right now is Duck Dynasty so lets see how well I can do with the show teaching us about marketing. What Duck Dynasty Can Teach Me About Marketing Willie is all about organization - Willie is very serious about the Duck Commander business and in this we can see the guy we have to be in front of the computer or at the whiteboard. Willie is all business almost all the time and looks … [Read more...]

Sham Wow

Have you seen the Shamwow guy? His name is Vince and he is the actual owner of the product not just the TV face for it. I found a Youtube video of the commercial in case you have no idea of what Shamwow is. OK, so you have probably seen the commercial but to know a bit about Vince I also found an interview that he did with CNBC a while back. I really hated Sham Wow guy the first couple times that I saw the commercial, he seems to be a … [Read more...]

Hostgator Shared Hosting


If you’re looking for a HostGator reseller hosting review, then you’re obviously looking to get into the very potentially lucrative business of website hosting. Or of course, maybe you’re just looking to add a service to an already successful web design, graphics, or content business. Either way, you’ve chosen to look at one of the top reseller hosting choices available on the internet with HostGator. One of the things that many of … [Read more...]

Advanced Twitter Tips


We all use Twitter in our marketing and everyone, well all twitterers anyway, know how to tweet, follow, unfollow and retweet. This article is not for the people trying to "figure out" Twitter but instead here are some tips for creating a stronger presence online to build you and your brand. Advanced Twitter Tips First things first. If you have 10 niches do not use 1 Twitter account. Any old email address can have a Twitter account so me sure … [Read more...]

Should You Be Using Paid WordPress Themes


Paid Wordpress themes are becoming more and more popular, despite the fact that there are still a huge number of free themes out there for you to try. If you're wondering why anyone would pay when there's so much available for free, consider these pros and cons of paying for themes. Advantages of Using a Paid Premium Wordpress theme Remove Credit Links - Some - though not all - free themes will have footer links back to credit their original … [Read more...]

Making Money with Twitter


Twitter is mainstream, since it is mainstream of course there are many marketers looking at Twitter as a spot on the internet with thousands of people to market to and to profit from. This is something that can be done with Twitter but also something that is not as easy as you may think at first blush. Some marketers are looking at their Twitter followers as some great mailing list that they can market to a few times a day. I would love ot see … [Read more...]

Half a coder is not enough

I have a bit of respect for the code that I can write and understand in HTML and PHP although I am not and kind of coder really. I bought a Wordpress template that has a great "single" page that involves Wordpress Custom Fields and Tabber to make a beautiful review page. I use the Wordpress Post Template plugin on most of my blogs so that I can add reviews easily as a new page without having to recode every post that is a review. The plugin is … [Read more...]