How Web Hosting Works

Web hosting is something that any business or internet marketer needs but of course may not know how to use. So I would like to explain exactly what you need and how you will use web hosting. Web hosting services that you get are all different from each other and becasue of this it is […]

Building a Relationship With Your Buyers

This is an important bit of info and a caution that you may not be doing what you should be doing to try and “convince” your buyers to buy. Do you know anything about the Know, Like and Trust method of getting closer to your clients and ultimately selling them? We are always told that […]

New WordPress SEO Plugin

Not sure exactly what to call this post but Jeff Johnson is a guy that I have been following for a couple of years. Who is Jeff Johnson? Apparently the Internet Marketing gurus SEO guru (the concept makes me nervous, but that is just me). And guys like Frank Kern, Eban Pagan, and John Reese […]

Free Autoresponders

I am always seeing on forums where people are looking for a free script to use for an autoresponder. If you are looking for a free autoresponder you are definitly not alone. A few years back I was trying to do everything myself. I had my sites hosted for free on IIS and Apache at […]

Chris Rempel Fanboy?

As a tech guy the term fanboy get bandied around quite a bit. Microsoft Fanboy, Apple Fanboy, heck there are even fanboys for individual kinds of video cards. Well I may be a Chris Rempel fanboy…. Chris Rempel is a guy whos stuff I ran into a little while ago. Chris calls himself the Lazy […]


How To Optimize Blog Posts

To be successful bloggers need to know how to optimize blog posts. Optimizing your blog posts with SEO is actually quite simple if you follow these 12 simple steps. Now don’t worry if SEO scares you because it’s really not that difficult to implement these things to make the search engines love your blog posts. […]


Internet Marketing Firefox Extensions

Firefox is a great browser when compared to Internet Explorer. I know, the geek in me likes Firefox but most people are just rolling their eyes and saying “Who cares about a browser with not much market share? My buyers don’t use it anyway” Well there are good reasons to use Firefox, especially as a […]


5 Strategies to Make Pinterest Work for You

Pinterest has captured the attention of millions of people with a unique platform that allows its users to expresses their interests, desires, and ideas through visually appealing images on virtual bulletin boards. With the frenzy around Pinterest also comes the perfect opportunity for marketers to leverage its compelling virtual nature and weave it into it […]

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Autoresponder Rant

This is a bit of a rant but I believe that most people that are building and using autoresponders are copying bad practices and are not doing the right things to build a real business with their autoresponders. I have a few autoresponders going and one of the great things about an autoresponder is that […]

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Best WordPress Plugins for SEO and Speed in 2014

There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository and soemtimes I think I have tried them all. I know I haven’t but still…. Anyway I thought some people would find it helpful if I posted a video of all the plugins that I use. I have done a lot of testing, a lot of […]

Article Writing

Writing Articles Fast

Write Articles fast and easy

How to write articles fast for your blog or website is important so that you can get more done. If you are going to be creating content then it is important to know how to write articles fast. I have had more questions about the good of Bum marketing and how hard it is to […]

How You Can Become a Super Affiliate

The humdrum existence of going to the office day after day doing the usual 9-5 shift is a trying task for those who have lived all their lives doing so. This is why the convenience of doing work at home under amazingly flexible working hours is a dazzling prospect to them. Doing work at home […]

How to Set Yourself Apart From Other Affiliates

Considered today as one of the best and easiest way to earn some money, affiliate marketing is now attracting many people to represent themselves in this type of business. But as competition is getting a bit bigger, you may need some ways to distinguish yourself from the rest of the affiliate marketers. For the major […]

Search Engine Optimization for Affiliate Marketers

There are no secrets on how to rank high with the major search engines because effective search engine optimizations are now immense. What is search engine optimization? Before we discuss that thing, you have to understand first how search engines work and a bit of know-how. Search engines are into providing their users with the […]

PLR is usually crap

Why PLR is usually crap

Have you ever heard of PLR Private label rights products? Usually when you hear about these it is on one of the big Internet Marketing boards like Warrior forum of Digital Point and it usually seems like a great deal. You get to buy some books or a series of a 1000 articles or something […]